• In general just up load it. It’ll work. Just make sure your image file is 15mb or less. You may need to export it to a lower resolution.
    • The longer side of images should be no bigger than 1920 pixels. File size limits are set to 1920 x 1080.
    • Please do not add watermarks, text or logos as we hope your picture will end up being featured on our upcoming photo calendar, website or other promotional materials. We will give you attribution whenever possible. (Sometimes we use portions of an image for banners on our website www.fanswashingtonpark.org and there isn’t room for attribution. )
    • If you are using software to edit your image and faced with lots of options for file export formats read on.
    • All images must be in JPEG format, RGB or Grayscale mode, 72ppi. Color space should be sRGB.
    • Image file size may not be greater than 15 mega bytes, so adjust your “quality” setting accordingly when producing images for submission.
    • Each image must be the work of the person submitting the image (or a parent, if the photographer is under 18).

No images will be accepted after midnight on the closing date. The cutoff procedure is automated, so be sure your images are submitted and finalized before the deadline. Avoid a last minute rush and get your images submitted well before the deadline. Any submissions still in progress at the cutoff will be discarded. No exceptions.

Image Preparation Tips –

We tend to get a lot of very similar questions about preparing images for submission. While we can’t cover all the details for all possible software and platforms, we have prepared a generic step-by-step guide (based on Adobe Photoshop) for those needing a little guidance. If you need help preparing your images, these tips can probably be applied to most image editing software with minor differences.

Steps to prepare your images:

  1. Open your source image and do all cropping, color corrections and other changes first.
  2. Select the “Image>Image Size” menu and set the resolution to 72 pixels/inch.
  3. Make sure “Constrain Proportions” is checked and set the dimension of your longest side to 1920 pixels (or as close as possible). FYI – ignore the size number next to “Pixel Dimensions”. That’s the amount of memory the image occupies while you work on it. File size is determined in step 10 below.
  4. Click OK to resize the image.
  5. Do your final sharpening.
  6. Select the “File>Save As” menu.
  7. Set the image format to “JPEG”, uncheck “ICC Profile”, and check “Use Lower Case Extension”.
  8. Browse to the folder where you want to save the image and click OK.
  9. Select “Baseline Optimized” for the format option.
  10. Adjust the “Quality” slider while watching the file size change below. Set it below the file size limit. (FYI – ignore the pulldown menu for line speed. It is for reference only.)
  11. Click OK and store the image on your disk.
  12. The image is now ready to upload via the contest submission form.