Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit photos for the contest?
Upload all entries directly to the website – no need to mail anything. The files can be uploaded using the “Upload Photo” button on this website starting on May 1, 2017, and close at midnight on June 10, 2017 (Mountain Daylight Time). Images may be original digital files or slides, negatives and prints that have been scanned and saved as a jpeg (or jpg) file. All files must meet contest specifications. Guidelines for preparing and uploading files can be found on the Image Specs page.
What are the category acceptable to enter?
Categories for the contest are: Nature, People/Pet, and Place. Entrants will place each entry into one of these categories:
Nature Category – the focus is on plants, animals, lake, pond and landscape and other natural features such as sunsets, rain and snow that include the park in some way. The entry can have people or defined places included, but they should not be the focus.
People/Pet Category – the focus is on people in the park. The entry can have plants, animals, landscape or a defined place, but the focus/story is on the people/person. Place Category – the focus is on a man-made place/thing in the park. Examples: Boat House, tennis court, the City Ditch, the running trail, the playground. Place category can have people and nature in it, but the focus is on the place.
What photos cannot be entered?
Images that are not taken in and of Washington Park. No drone photography is allowed as drone use in prohibited in the park.
What are the judges looking for?
Washington Park Photography Contest is looking for the most beautiful, interesting and diverse images reflecting the natural resources of Washington Park. Judges will review every entry for basic technical quality such as exposure and sharpness and whether it meets contest requirements for content and subject matter. Entries will be scored based on originality, technical skill, quality, diversity, and impact.
When I submit a photo to the photo contest, what rights am I agreeing to give?
All rights remain with the photographer. Entry into the contest constitutes the photographer’s agreement to allow FANS to publish submitted images on FANS websites and to allow FANS to use them in promotions for FANS photo contests and promotional materials. Appropriate credit will be given to the photographer.
Do photos have to be taken with a digital camera?
No. Contest entries do not have to have been photographed with a digital camera. As long as the files meet submission specifications found on the Image Specs page, they can be taken with any type of image recording device.
How many photos may I enter?
You may enter no more than 30 photos.

Prizes and Entry Fees

What are the awards?
Awards will go to the top scorers in each of three categories: Nature, People/Pets, and Place. A “people choice award” will also be selected based upon votes on the contest website. The people’s choice award, first and second place winners and two honorable mentions in each category will receive a matted  print of their winning photograph plus a $50 gift card for a frame from Framedeart. All top scoring images will be featured on the contest website until August 1, 2016, and on the FANS website through 2016. Honorable mention winners will receive a print of their work. All top scoring images will be featured on the contest venue website until August 1, 2016, and on the FANS website through 2016.
How much is the entry fee?
There is a $5 per photo entry fee. Maximum of 30 entries.
How do I pay the entry fee?
Enter your credit card information on the secured contest payment page.
When will the winners be announced?
All photographers will be contacted with the judging results regarding their entered images by June 23, 2016.

Entry Uploads

I registered but never received an e-mail to activate my account.
Please check your junk mail folder as it may have ended up there. If you are still having problems contact our technical support (see below) for assistance.

May I enter a photo that has previously been published?
          Sure, but it must have been taken of Washington Park.

Is image manipulation allowed?
This is not a contest to showcase computer skills in manipulating an image. Entries should accurately reflect the subject matter and scene as it appeared when captured with the camera..

Can I use Photoshop or other image processing software?

Yes. Images may be processed along the lines described below, but the material content of the photo as documented with the camera may not be changed or altered. Basic processing including, but not limited to, color correction, exposure adjustment, spotting, curves, levels, saturation, contrast, and cropping are acceptable. High dynamic range images (HDR) and stitched panoramas are acceptable. By submitting entries, photographers acknowledge that manipulation altering the material content has not been done. Every entry cannot researched. If a photo is chosen for prize consideration, the original file, slide or negative may be required for examination before finalizing the award. The source image must be provided within one week of notification or the contending image may be disqualified from winning a prize.
What should I include in the description of my photograph?
It is in the photographer’s interest to include the name of the subject and any information that makes the image content clear to the judges.
Do I have to enter all my images at the same time?
No. You can come back any time up until the submission deadline to upload more images.
How do I know that you have received my entry?
Your photo will appear in the Submitted Photos thumbnails on the right hand side of the contest website.
I accidentally uploaded the wrong photo and paid the entry fee. Can I delete my entry and submit a new photo?
Please contact our technical support for assistance (see below).
Why won’t my images upload?
Make sure your images meet the requirements on the Image Specs page.
Are release forms required when submitting a photograph to the photo contest?
By submitting a photograph to Washington Park Photography Contest you warrant that you are the owner and creator of the image, that you alone own the copyright. No model release form is required for people in public places.

Still have a question?

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